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Family Reunion, Labor Day, September 2, 3, 4, 2011

Phillip Family Reunion, Labor Day Week-end, September 2, 3, and 4, 2011

From all indications, the Phillip family reunion was a roaring success!!  Because of the huge turnout (88 family members), this reunion was the largest attendance of any Phillip family reunion.

All the photos here and more can be found on the Walmart site.  You need to sign up to see them, but there is no charge.  I have put the pictures in four folders

I have to mention the ten people responsible for the organization and manpower that put this reunion together.

Judy and Larry Mann
Cory and Sherry Mann
Jared and Melanie Mann
Janice and Archie Lawrence
Tony and I

I think I can speak for all ten of us when I say that we had the most fun ~ watching all our family members have a great time was so rewarding!  

But...then you have to see this picture of Judy ~ on Thursday afternoon before events began.  Tony and I spent eleven days with all of the Mann family prior to the reunion keeping Judy calm...obviously we did a good job!!

Front row:  Bill, Dean, Jim, Paul
Middle row:  Ray, Jary, Don, Steve, Dick, Randy
Back row:  Julie, Judy, Janice, Sharon, Lynelle, Mary, Roberta
One of the best things about the reunion was getting all of the 17 cousins in one location (shown in picture above)....if anyone knows the last time this happened, let me know.

Relatives began arriving by 2 pm on Friday afternoon...we had let everyone know that if they came earlier than 2 pm, they would have to help....funny how no one showed up before 2 pm!!

Janet, Randy, Jim, Ray, Judi
A BBQ was held at the Mann ranch around 6 pm.  

Mom and Paul handed out the souvenir wooden "penny boxes" (made by Bill) as everyone entered the garage to fill their plates.  

Other Side
One Side
Along about the same time, in another line, Don and Bob were handing out their souvenir memento, "Bingo" medallions and wooden holders.

Leo, Jared, Cory, Bob
After everyone had eaten and just as the last family arrived for the event, Jean, Bob, and Leo were ushered down to the large barn.  The 1927 Dodge car (formerly belonging to Willie Phillip and now owned by Jared Mann) was unveiled. The Mann family and Tony and I had discussed at length and decided that Leo should be the "brother" to drive the car up through the unsuspecting crowd.  As soon as the car was unveiled, Jared said "OK, which one of you boys are driving?...Leo, do you want to drive?".  Immediately, Jean spoke up "I'm driving....(hesitation)...I'm the oldest".  Needless to say, who was going to argue with "the oldest"! (quotes taken from Tony's video ~ turn up your volume to hear Jean speak).

And....Jean one point he drove a little fast ~ scaring a few people and making the crowd roar with laughter ~ Jennifer's video is living proof (pictured Bob, Leo, Jean).  See 5 minute video of this drive/ride by Jennifer Shatel.

Ray, Cally, Bill
As the car made its way into the crowd, all family members were given the Phillip Reunion book (put together by Paul).  Inside each book was a note assigning each person to a one hour time slot to help Janice, Judy and myself throughout the three-day event.  The first assignment was for Ray to give rides in the car to anyone who wanted a ride.  Later, the car was available to anyone who wanted to drive it.  It was amazing how much help you all were ~ everyone reported for duty at their designated time ~ without your help, we would never have made it through the days.  Thank you!!

Cory, Don, Sharon, Jared, Larry
Jared and I took the last Friday night ride in the car...the car Jared called Cory for help on his cell phone and I called Melanie for help on my cell phone, Jared told me "If the cops come, we're jumping out and going in the corn field".  I assured him I would be right behind him!

Cally and Don

More entertainment Friday night was when Judy brought out her stilts ~ pictures are of Jim, Kelly, and Don all taking a turn.  I also took my turn, but didn't take many steps before falling down....sorry, no one got a picture of this.

The shooting range was in full swing on Friday evening....thanks again to the Mann's inventory of guns, shells, targets, and clay pigeons (skeets).
Saturday began at 8 am at the Newberry's building with a continental breakfast served for everyone by the hourly helpers, Janet and Cindy.

The car was brought into town and parked in front of Newberry's for anyone's use.

"Bingo" the 100 year old horse was loaned by Roberta and brought down by Bob for the event.

Judy, Kathie, Brittany, Ray
This is a picture of some relatives at the continental breakfast.

I posed this picture because of the boys' names (Cody Kenneth, Ken's great grandson; and Cody Robert, Robert's great grandson).

Lunch was served between 11 and 1 ~ A reception was planned between 2 and 5 for friends to drop by to see the honored guests:

Jean and Maxine, celebrating their 70th anniversary in 2011.

Harriet, celebrating her 90th birthday

Bob, celebrating his 90th birthday

Leo, honored guest of the event

Brittany, Jennifer, Callie
Kelly, Melanie, Liz
Cake, punch, mints, and nuts were served; a guest table was set up to welcome guests.

Because Nebraska was playing football, the Manns came to the rescue (again!) and set up a TV and satellite dish ~ many Phillips watched the game as well as many of the reception guests.

Tony was assigned to take pictures of any family groups between 5 and 6.  Jim was assigned to line up the people in each photo.  Mary provided T-shirts for her sisters, Roberta, Janice, and herself with "I can't remember if I'm the good sister or the evil one".  They wore the shirts most of the afternoon.

Here is a picture of family members taking pictures of posed pictures and Judy trying to make the little ones smile!

A table was set up with the kindergarten cousin pictures that Grandma Alma always had hanging in her home, the parchesi game that many of us older ones remember playing that Grandpa Willie had made, two laptops running slide shows of many older family photos (Tony's and Verlene's).  Verlene donated a DVD of the "Next Year Country" book and Mary brought many extras of the book for anyone to take a copy.

One table in the afternoon entertained themselves playing cards.  Younger kids were entertained on the back table with a TV, video games and videos.  Although I did hear that at one point that Cody Wilson entertained several of the young ones by climbing up the plumbing pipes in the downstairs bathroom.

Bob also provided some entertainment by having Daisy May do her tricks.  Here is a five minute video that Tony took a couple of years ago of Daisy May's tricks.
Janice and I outside; I have one shoe off ~ possibly "tired feet"!

Supper was served in the Newberry's building and then the bar was officially opened with monetary donations from Cory and Jared which started a rush to see who could put the most money in the "tip jar".  With donations, the Phillip Family were kept in drinks the whole evening.....thank you to all the donators!

Sunday brunch was held at Janice and Archie's.  Janice is the only cook of the three of the organizers ~ she did a fantastic job with the brunch.

Bill is showing bottle stoppers that he is making to Bob, Don, and Lynelle ~ believe many family members left with one of them.

After brunch many of the family members went back out to the Mann's.  The shooting range was again in full swing.

There was another BBQ provided with all the leftover food (Roberta and Julie shown here).

"Milking the cow" provided entertainment for the younger ones.

A few got in the back seat of "the car" for a different kind of ride (Judy driving; Bill and I in the back). is a picture of your three organizers...late Sunday afternoon (almost all of us still smiling)!

This is a picture after everyone left ~ the guns laid out in Judy and Larry's kitchen.

The targets (with Keaton standing by)

The cans

Front page of guest book.

These are the pages from the guest book, in case anyone is interested.

This is the email sent to all family members on October 24, 2011.

WOW…what a reunion.  Thank you everyone for attending.  Without you, the reunion would not have been the huge success that we think it was.  Larry Mann is ready to have another one soon…I don’t think Judy Mann feels quite ready yet though.

It was great to have all 17 of our generation altogether  ~ does anyone want to guess how long it has been since we have all been in the same place ~ probably a Thanksgiving a long time ago!! 

I have put pictures up on Walmart’s website.  Most of them are ones Tony and I took, but some are from others that I have gotten through emails.  When you go to the website, if you don’t have a Walmart password, you may need to sign up for one, but it is free.  I have separated the pictures into Friday, Saturday, Saturday posed pictures, and Sunday. 

The blog has links to two “youtube” videos ~ one of Jean saying “I’m driving”, and one of the runaway car.

We certainly have to thank all the Mann family for our access to “the car”.  They went to a lot of expense (time and money) to make sure “the car” could be unveiled on Friday night…and what an unveiling it turned out to be.

Thank you, Janice and Judy for all your help in organizing this reunion.  I’ve found that if more than one person is organizing the reunion, the reunion is better ~ this one was at least three times better than any we have ever had before!!!  Thanks Archie, Larry, and Tony for putting up with us while we made everything happen with your help.

Thanks to everyone who “worked” their hour to help us ~ it was amazing how everyone reported in at their scheduled time ~ without your help it would have been impossible (translated to “a disaster”).

Thanks to Bob and Don for the medallions and medallion stands ~ nice memento for the reunion ~ even though they chose to keep me from knowing what they were making!  Thanks, Bob and Roberta, for loaning and bringing “Bingo”, the infamous horse and showing Daisy Mae’s tricks to many attending.

Thanks to Bill’s woodwork and Mom’s checkbook everyone again received a “penny box” memento ~ a tradition started by Dad.

Thanks to Paul for putting the reunion booklet together and printing the labels for the “penny boxes”.  Unfortunately one error has been found (Jennifer’s daughter’s last names should all be Shatel, not Phillip ~ Sarah, Kate and Anna)

Cory, Sherry, Jared and Melanie went above and beyond the call of duty to help Judy, Larry, Tony and I for two weeks before the reunion (of course, they had no choice.  When Judy spoke, we all jumped)!!!

We have to thank all of you who left sizeable cash donations.  Janice, Judy and I were so pleased to plan the reunion at our expense so no one would feel they couldn’t attend because of a reunion charge.  We were even more pleased on Sunday when all of you started showing your appreciation!!! 

There were also a few donations in the way of food provided or brought for different meals.  Thank you.

Mary insisted she donate ~ I said I would send her a bill (thought about shipping Bill to her)…however, I wouldn’t take her donation when we returned from our five weeks in UK because our bills were all taken care of by your generous donations.  Also, thanks to Mary ~ anyone who wanted a “Next Year Country” book should now have their own copy.  Verlene had CD copies of the book available also. 

And last but not least ~ the Newberry building ~ the event turned out great at this central location.  The evening “tip jar” was fed regularly by many of you.  Thank you for the generous tips which gave us free access to the bar all evening.

Found after reunion was over:
·       Ear phones ~ used during the shooting gallery at Mann’s
·       Umbrella found
·       Pair of brown shorts
Let me know if these belong to anyone.  Thanks.

And now….go to the Phillip Blog for more information….enjoy!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Table of Contents ~ Family Reunion

~  The Reunion Post ~
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Table of Contents ~ Phillip Family Reunion ~ 
September 2, 3, 4, 2011
Labor Day Week-end
updated 7/29/11

Pictures updated 6/24/11

Information Needed for booklet  ~ new post 6/27 ~ booklet to be printed on 7/30/11
Information Needed ~ Attendance

Information ~ parking map for Saturday 
@ Newberry's, posted 7/1

Information, New ~ posted 6/28

Original Invitation ~ October 2010
Invitations sent ~ postcard and evites
Invited ~ Relatives, list updated 6/24/11
Invited ~ Friends, list updated 6/24/11
Motel Reservations updated 6/24/11
Invitation ~ Newspaper coverage

Web site ~ Descendants of Fran├žois Vifquin

Emails sent

New Phillip Family Member

Sarah and Chris Behof
Daughter born 7/27/11
Kyrie Elizabeth Behof
20 1/2 " long
6 pounds 14 oz

Kyrie had to spend the first two weeks of her life in the hospital ~ complications during birth ~ but all is going well now for Mom, Dad, and Baby Kyrie!

Update 8/6/11 ~ Kyrie should be out of the hospital in a couple of days.

Grandmother ~ Lynelle Phillip Gramm
Great Grandfather ~ Leo Phillip

6th email to Family ~ 8/6/11

·      Sarah and Chris Behof ~ daughter born 7/27/11 ~ Kyrie Elizabeth Behof ~ see Phillip Blog for more details.  Grandmother ~ Lynelle; Great Grandfather ~ Leo

ALL 17 cousins will be at the reunion.  Total number of relatives has reached 88.

In order to make this reunion be as much fun as possible and run smoothly…we need to ask for at least one hour from each of you to help us throughout the reunion.  Below is a list of what we need on which days and at what time.  Of course, if you want to help at other times also, we won’t mind!!  J  And…if you are unable to cover your slot…I’m sure someone will pitch in.

When you get your reunion booklet, your “helping out” slot will be listed.  If you wonder what to do during your time, check with Janice, Judy, or Sharon as listed in “yellow”. 

If any of you want a group picture taken, please let me know and we will schedule it in.  Pictures will be taken between 5 and 6 on Saturday at Newberry’s.  Below is a list of some of the pictures that are already scheduled
·      All 17 cousins together in order of pictures Grandma Alma Phillip had hung in her home when we were in kindergarten
·      Jean, Bob, Leo
·      Harriet, Jean and Maxine, Bob, and Leo
·      Harriet, Ray, Sharon, Dick, Bill, Jim, and Paul
·      Jean, Bob, and Leo all by Bingo, the horse ~ individual pictures
·      Jean, Maxine, Jary, Judy
·      Jean, Maxine, Jary and Dee, Judy and Larry
·      Jean, Maxine, Jary’s family, Judy’s family



Judy and Larry

Jary and Dee
Transportation ~ Jean and Maxine




as needed
Cory and Jared



Sharon and Tony

Jary and Dee
Transportation ~ Jean and Maxine
Bill and Janet

Dick and Cindy

Don and Verlene


Dean and Becky



Steve and Kathy

Judi and Ray
pick up cakes


Alison, Brittany
Hayley, Cally
Kelly, Liz


guest book

take pictures
help lining up pictures

Run to store







Janice and Archie

Jary and Dee
Transportation ~ Jean and Maxine
Jerry and Roberta


For those of you that are unable to come to this reunion ~ I’m sorry ~ you will be missed.

We look forward to seeing all of you at the reunion/birthday/anniversary party in September in Alliance.

~~Sharon, Janice and Judy